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company based in Louisville, KY

When shopping with LeaseRev you can expect a highly efficient and transparent process that ends with you receiving your brand new vehicle directly from a factory authorized dealer, all while never stepping foot in the dealership. That’s right, we deliver the car directly to your location of choice. Oh yeah, and 90% of the time our numbers are much better than the best you could negotiate at your local dealer.

We have access to all rates, residuals, factory and dealer rebates for every vehicle under the sun. We can identify the best deal and locate hard to find units that your local dealer can’t get. We have a network of dealers for every make, ready to compete with one another to get your deal. This alone poses many benefits for you as a consumer. Including more aggressive pricing, stronger approvals, ease of transaction and much more.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Lease Broker?


Some Common Concerns

Anyone can identify as a car lease broker, however, we have several years of key experience and most importantly, we’ve built a network of connections showrooms and dealerships all over America. We know how competitive the market it is and can use things like month-end deadlines, overstock issues and previous sales to help us get you the very best lease.

When leasing a vehicle, the financer is the one who purchases the vehicle you want. They own the vehicle whilst you’re in your lease period but after the least period is over you can have the decision on whether you want to buy it or you want to look for another model. It allows you to have the latest and greatest vehicles for a good period of time without being committed to purchasing the full value.

We can assure you, we get YOU the best deal possible. Our network of contacts and suppliers has allowed us to build our stature within the industry and get straight down to the lowest price. None of this negotiating or a higher down payment, we get the best value for vehicle or we will match an offer that does compete.

The best way to enquire about how we can help is to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our phone number is 502-409-2628 or alterntavily drop us an email if you’re just wanting more generic information. You can fill in our contact form over at or email us on [email protected]

Yes of course! We can get you any manufacturer incentives or rebates that come as standard or as advertised with a new vehicle.