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What Are The Benefits Of A Lease Broker?

When it comes to leasing a new vehicle you need to make the decision to either go with an experienced lease broker to get you the best deal or whether you want to go it alone. Using an auto broker is becoming an increasingly popular choice but why?

Before looking at the benefits of using a lease broker, first we need to understand the differences between a broker and a dealership.

Whats the difference between a car lease broker and a dealership?

This biggest difference between a broker and a dealership is a broker doesn’t stock 100’s of vehicles you can go in and have a look at. So if you’re wanting to browse vehicles to get a better idea of what you prefer, you would need to go to a dealership. But with several different makes such as Ford, Audi, Dodge etc you may need to go to several dealerships before you get a feel for what vehicle you’re wanting. Then when you do get there, you’ll receive the usual sales spiel followed by being judged on how likely you are to purchase a vehicle that day.

A leasing broker doesn’t have access to show you hundreds of different cars in person, instead, they work as the middle man. A leasing broker uses their network of connections with dealerships to find the best deal on your desired vehicle and then finds the best lease offering. They aren’t pushed to make a sale that day and instead take the time to find a vehicle and lease which fits your criteria.

Key benefits of using a lease broker

A lease broker is independent – Brokers aren’t tied to any specific make of vehicle or a specific financial house. This gives the broker freedom to operate, they can contact multiple dealerships to find the best value for their customer. They might also know of which dealerships have to sell X amount of models a month and are under target, allowing them to negotiate a better deal for their customers.

Similar to dealerships, they’re able to work with as many financial houses as they see fit. This enables brokers to be more diverse in what finances they can get for a lease, be it working with a specific lender for low credit, a smaller cost for longer term leases or negotiating between different lenders to find the most competitive deal with different financial houses undercutting one another.

A lease broker will do all of the leg work – One of the most common reasons lease brokers are becoming more popular is they do all the hard work, chasing and negotiating, allowing their clients to relax and enjoy their time off. The process it takes to get the best lease can be a long and strenuous one if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

When working with a lease broker all you need to do is tell them the vehicle you want and they take down some details. If you’re to go and find the best lease for yourself you would need to visit multiple dealerships to make sure you were getting the best price and once you think you have the best price, you could go back to another dealership and they may offer you a lower price or match it. Then there are the strict financial limitations dealerships have to work with, they don’t have the luxury a broker does where they can compare multiple options and pick out the most affordable option.

No doubt you have to go to work as well? You have to pay for the gas money to travel from one dealership to another and all of this during what should be your downtime. Along with the knowledge of vehicles a lease broker has, it’s clear to see the benefits of letting a professional find you the best lease deals.

A lease broker isn’t restricted by area – Another huge advantage a lease broker has is the ability to find a lease anywhere in the US to then have the vehicle delivered to your door. The average person will only be able to visit dealerships within their local area but a broker is able to agree a lease with a dealership based on the other side of America.

If you’re working with a reliable, hardworking broker like ourselves, you can rest assured we would get in touch with dealerships in other states if we’re able to help shave off some of the monthly costs or find a better model vehicle for the same price as a standard model which is based locally.

A lease broker has access to greater discounts with faster results – Being a lease broker, we have access to different discounts and savings when working with dealerships over long periods of time. If we’re able to work with the same dealership multiple times a month, we get larger discounts on new vehicles and are able to drive the cost down because of the amount of business we send their way.

Not only are we entitled to greater discounts but because of the relations we’ve made and the industry knowledge we possess, we’re able to get a lease deal much faster than the average person. We don’t need to go through countless negotiations to lower the cost, we get given their best prices when we first make contact and if it’s for a popular model of car which we may have sold 4/5 times that month, we would also get a much lower price.

Don’t use any old Lease Broker, use the best.

In order to get the best lease deals you need to use the best lease broker. We pride ourselves on not only finding the best lease deals but putting our clients needs first. We offer a seamless experience that saves you time and money, getting you a new lease at a wholesale price.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you save on your next lease, please feel free get in touch or phone us on 1-866-227-8507 and a member of our team would be happy to help

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