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Benefits Of A High Mileage Lease & Which Manufactures Are Best?

Purchasing a vehicle outright is becoming increasingly more expensive and if you’re wanting one with all the extras, you could potentially see the outright cost double! That’s why lease deals are becoming more common and more beneficial fo the customer.

One of the concerns with a lease deal is restriction, not being able to drive to your heart’s content because of mileage limitations. Why not consider a high mileage lease? A typical lease starts from 10,000 miles per annum but you could increase your usage to as much as 20,000 miles per annum, giving you all the freedom and flexibility you need for the duration of your lease. 

What are the benefits of a high mileage lease?

The average American male now drives an average of 16,550 miles a year with female drivers averaging at 10,142 miles a year. In Kentucky, the average driver travels 17,370 miles so you would need a higher than average mile usage when leasing a vehicle and with most leases starting from 10,000 miles per annum, you’re likely to go over. If you go over, you could be hit with an additional bill when turning in the vehicle at the end of your lease.
Based on a 3-year lease with a 10k mileage per year, the average driver in Kentucky could be hit with an additional $552.75 bill at the end of your lease. Alternatively, taking out a high mileage lease could help prevent a large bill at the end of your lease and wouldn’t cost as much.
There’s more to a high mileage lease allowance than that, here are some of the main benefits;

Regulated & lower costs – With taking out a higher mileage lease, you know how much you’re paying a month to cover your travels whereas with going over and paying at the end of the lease, you could be paying more without fully knowing what the bill will be.

Flexibility – The main benefit is the freedom a high mileage lease gives. You’re able to use your lease vehicle for everyday trips and have plenty of mileage free to travel from coast to coast if you wish. 

Less sales tax – With most states, you’re able to deduct lease payments as an expense meaning you’ll pay less sales tax.
Along with the general benefits of a high mileage lease, at LeaseRev we help you not only get the best deal but can advise on which vehicle offers the best value, most reliability and suits a higher mileage lease.

High Mileage Audi Lease Deals

Audi offers a wealth of vehicles to suit all drivers. For new drivers or those on a budget, the Audi A1 or A3 could be perfect! If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more luxury or to equip a businesses sales staff with, the Audi A5 and A7 is a great choice.

The Audi Q range such as the Q8 and Q7 are a reliable, affordable SUV which offers comfort and protection for the whole family. Then there is the Audi sports range, the R8 Spyder or their cheaper sports car, the Audi TT offer all the performance of a sports car and available as a convertible for those hot summer nights.

Audi offers a vehicle for all your lease needs and our team of experts can find the perfect lease deal for you

High Mileage BMW Lease Deals

BMW has something to suit everyone and to fit all budgets. With decades of experience perfecting their vehicles, they guarantee comfort and reliability, making them perfect for high usage and long drives. They cover a range of models with both a budget and premium option such as their budget SUV, the BMW X2 and their premium SUV, the BMW X7.

If you’re looking to equip your sales team or business with a high-quality vehicle at an affordable cost, their huge range of sedans are perfect. With several different options and price ranges, you could affordably equip your team with a range of BMWs to offer your staff comfort on the road whilst leasing a positive impression with potential clients/customers.

Whether you’re looking for a long term SUV, sports car or a luxury sedan, LeaseRev can not only pick out the best BMW but also find a lease deal that fits your needs.

High Mileage Cadillac Lease Deals

Cadillac’s are renowned for luxury and one of the most popular vehicles manufactures in the USA. Not only do they offer luxury and a range of vehicle, but the lease payments wouldn’t break the bank and their reliability would ensure a smooth ride throughout the lease period.

When thinking about Cadillac, their stand out vehicle is the Escalade. The flashy and luxurious vehicle is sure to impress onlookers and has a certain presence on the road. The Escalade isn’t their only vehicle, Cadillac offers a range of sedans such as the CT6, ATS-V and more.

When looking for a Cadillac, speak with one of our experts and see how we can offer a lease deal no other broker can!

High Mileage Leasing With LeaseRev

We offer more than just “experience” when working with us. We have industry knowledge, connections and thoroughly research new vehicles to ensure we offer the complete package.

If you’re looking for a lease with flexibility and want to save yourself the leg work or want a better deal, get in touch with us TODAY to see how we can get you more whilst costing you less.

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